Concord Police Force Blotter About Feb. 17, 2009

A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you, and were helped by you, will remember you when forget-me-nots are withered. Carve police earpiece your name on hearts, and not on marble.

As I've said, adolescents are real pros at diverting the argument. So, if you say, "How come I found an empty beer can under your bed," they might come back with, "Why are you spying in my room-why don't you trust me?" But that's not the question or the issue. The issue is that your child had an empty beer can under his bed. Holding him accountable is not spying, and you're not violating his privacy or rights; don't get dragged into that fight. Say, "We're not talking about trusting you. We're not talking about violating your privacy. You know the rules in this house. There are no drugs and alcohol allowed, both in the house and for your own personal use. That's the issue, not your privacy. We're going to talk about this in an hour, and I want you to be ready." And turn around and leave the room.

Follow them because communities like Monroe Michigan may have just recently went through the horrible ordeal of a missing child case and should be spared the pain of such a cruel reminder cops that of a potential second missing child.

The training required to become a deputy sheriff can be strenuous, and it can be extremely difficult. It is physically demanding and many people simply will not be able to do it. It has often been said that the training to become a cop communications can be more difficult and demanding than military training.

If you are caught speeding, don't be scared to ask the actual officer if you're able to see the readout through the radar firearm. In most cases he can show you this particular, and if you imagine it's drastically wrong, then make some it. Will not fight with the roadside nevertheless, take it to the court! There are many approaches to fight a new traffic ticket in court, thus once again be courteous, as well as wait for your time and effort to come.

Unfortunately identity theft in Santa Ana has been linked to terrorist and major crime networks working in and out of the U.S. When it comes to identity theft, there are many ways these theives will try to get your personal information.If you have information about an identity theft crime or if you suspect someone who is involved with this crime please contact the Santa Ana police radios or the agency in your area.

Every time I have called 911 I have been told there were emergencies a head of mine. I can understand that, but I would like to know what emergencies get handled in what order. I would also like to know where all my money is going for not wearing my own seat belt. That does not endanger anyone but myself. So I know that money does not cover getting more police officers. It does not cover apparently cover enough to make sure that is someone is being stabbed with a broken glass bottle.

You are running radar, when you clock someone traveling 20 miles over the speed limit. You activate your light bar, and stop the vehicle. When you approach the driver, you notice that it's your mother.

Once you open the door an inch they take a mile and sadly many people simply open the door in answer to a knock or a bell making entry very easy. Two seconds is all it takes to get in. Chances are the bad guys are armed.

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