Cooking Myth #2: Cooking Is Too Hard!

As Italian cooking has proliferated in many nations of the world, people want to know how to give the food its most authentic taste and feel. In order to carry out traditional Italian cuisine, you need the correct implements to prepare these dishes. If you are experimenting for one day there is no need crock pot slow cooker recipes to invest in any special equipment. However, if Italian cooking is going to be a regular fixture in your kitchen, you should consider buying some of the basic implements.

Having a diet plan may not rule out eating certain types of food such as chocolate cake or lasagna in a crock pot. Actually, no such food in itself is weight promoting, but rather how much of that food we actually consume.

You are in for a surprise if you have never tried this fresh herb. Start with Italian and Basil salad, which is so easy to make you do not need a recipe. Slice tomatoes and arrange them on a platter. Top them with slices of fresh Mozzarella. Scatter torn basil leaves over the top. Season with salt and pepper, drizzle a little olive oil over the salad, and you are done.

The story of the restaurant's beginnings is great - started by the chef, Efren Boglio and his brother Joseph who were born in a small Italian town near Torino where their mother was well known for her great dishes. Once Efren caught onto this great tradition of italian cooking and opened up his own restaurant in Chicago, he and his brother came together to specialize in mamma's specialties they had grown to love together.

For salads you need pasta that will hold some of the dressing and vegetable. Our favorites are the ones with hollows such as conchiglie (shells), rotelle, fusilli (spirals) and farfalle (bows). Use the different colored pastas for a more colorful salad.

I can understand wanting to celebrate and anniversary. This is a date that should be significant and special to the couple. It represents something special for them and only them. That is romantic. That makes sense.

Merk's Bar & Grille is a favorite local hang-out where the beer flows freely and deep-fried food rules! Located at 193 N. Causeway Merk's is about one mile from the ocean and directly across the lasagna reteta street from the Indian River Intracoastal.

Now when you are putting your exercise program together, keep in mind that you need to do cardio for at least 30 minutes in order for it to be effective. If you are out of shape, you may find this a little challenging at first, but you will get there before you know it. Try and go 15 minutes and then add a minute each day until you get there. Remember, you are just starting out and are going to have to avoid getting frustrated. Once you get to that level, you will be amazed at how quickly the pounds start melting away.